Stay hydrated, decrease your carbon footprint and have your water on the go with this BPA-free, reusable, 500 ML water bottle by Mokums'.

This stylish and slim design will complement your attire while fitting neatly inside your bag. Easily refillable so that you can get the recommended 6-8 glasses of water daily. And guess what? You do all this while saving money! And it doesn't stop there, water bottles by Mokums' is available in multiple colors, leak-proof and durable.


But, this is more than just a regular reusable bottle, this is Amsterdam's story in your purse. The three Saint Andrew's crosses represent the historical and cultural heritage of our beautiful city. This mirrors the durability and richness of Mokums' products and also says how much we love our city and want our story to be with us wherever we are.

This is a solid lifetime choice. Stay cool with water bottles by Mokums'.